CodingTeam is a free and easy to use forge designed for you. Your projects need simplicity and intuitivity!






In order to install CodingTeam on your own server, you need to install some required softwares.

CodingTeam can also use a Jabber server. See this list. All Jabber features are tested and work good with ejabberd2.

Currently, MySQL (>= 5) is the only database layer supported. A very experimental support of PostgreSQL exists.


How to install?

The README and the INSTALL files are distributed in each packages of CodingTeam so you just have to follow these steps-by-steps documents, this is easy. In the future, we plan to make the installation simplier with a script or something like that, stay tuned!

You may need help when you will discover your new software forge. Feel free to ask, we can help you!