CodingTeam is a free and easy to use forge designed for you. Your projects need simplicity and intuitivity!



Free, modular, scalable and fully customizable!

A software forge is a collaboration platform allowing collaborative software developement over a network. Basically, we can imagine two kinds of use: inside an enterprise, to increase the collaboration of employees or for free software projects, to ensure the developement is widely transparent. The main goal of a forge is to gather a lot of tools in something integrated and consistent and to make them available to more people so that they can develop their projects.

CodingTeam is an innovant and a young software forge written in PHP 5 and using OOP in order to be easily understandable and customizable. It handles MySQL databases. The software is organized in modules that can easily be written to increase the forge's power. The quality of our code is one of our main preoccupation.

More than 1,500 users and 330 projects trust our project and are using everyday this forge. You can meet them on, a free forge dedicated to all free (as in freedom) software projects. Indeed, free software developers can use our forge without install it, just register on and start working!


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CodingTeam is a free (as in freedom) forge written in PHP with a lot of collaborative work and communication tools. This is a free software released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.


CodingTeam is a compilation of modules. Each modules brings a few views. It's very easy to create your own module or to extend an already existing module by the creation of a new view. You could also install a third-party module easily.


CodingTeam will evolve with your needs. You would easily extend CodingTeam, thanks to its modular organization and its many qualities. Just look at it, you will understand as easy it is!


You can configure everything. If you want to disable a module, you can. If you want to disable only one view of a module, you can do that too. You can even edit project's categories. Two CodingTeam installations are different on many ways.


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